Henry Johnson LR
1 min readOct 21, 2023
Pic Cred: Mikhail Nilov

Through the darkest nights, a glimmer of light,

A touch of solace, a respite from the fight,

Healing, gentle as a whisper in the wind,

A balm for the wounds that lie deep within.

In the depths of pain, where shadows reside,

Healing emerges, like a gentle tide,

It mends the broken, both body and soul,

Stitching together the fragments that were once whole.

With every breath, healing gently flows,

Soothing the ache, as the heart slowly knows,

That time can mend what was torn apart,

And bring healing’s balm to the wounded heart.

In the embrace of healing, we find release,

A chance to let go, and find inner peace,

It mends the scars, both seen and unseen,

Allowing us to mend, to grow, to glean.

Healing is a journey, a path we must tread,

With patience and love, we can heal what was bled,

It teaches us strength, resilience, and grace,

Guiding us towards a better, brighter space.

So let us embrace the healing that’s near,

Let it wash over us, release our fear,

For in its tender touch, we find our way,

To a place where wounds heal, and hearts can stay.



Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.