Liberia needs a Visa-Free Entry Approach to Boost their Tourist Sector and Economy.

Henry Johnson LR
4 min readNov 14, 2017

The prosperities to Liberia’s tourist development lies with those who think towards the future. Liberia is Africa’s oldest Republic, but “SOME” of its leaders haven’t been able to learn from other countries and, why those countries have been prosperous simultaneously?

A Visa-Free Entry from wealthy nations such as the United States, Germany, Japan, China, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Taiwan, Austria, Iceland, Australia, Sweden, Bahrain, Oman, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, San Marino, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Ireland, Kuwait, Brunei, Singapore, Macao, Luxembourg, and Qatar would help boost the tourism sector of Liberia.

Liberia can learn from South East Asia, citizens from Western nations that traveled to places like Thailand, Philippines, and other parts, are most likely not require any form of Visa. A Visa-Free entry can help countries boost their economy and tourism sector. If you want to developed Liberia, you need to start thinking from a global perspective.

Some would say, what do you mean by “global perspective?” They might even say, “The U.S. asked us for Visa when we want to go to their country, why must they come here, visa-free?” Well, who has the money? That will be my question, to them. A poor man must humble himself to get there. When you are not there, you can’t play “EQUALS.”Some might go on to say, “This kind of approach is awful for Liberia’s prosperity. What about the criminals who might hover in our nation?”

All of these questions are valid and make sense, but when the Police and AFL who are suppose to serve and protect the people are getting paid more, then I don’t think, any Liberians need to worry about them doing their job, “serving and protecting.” A visa-free entry approach to Liberia’s tourism will boost the economy. In this analysis, I will lay out the positive effects of a free-visa entry approach to tourism and why it works.

Visa-Free Entry General Positive effects of tourism:

1. A Visa-Free entry would create jobs for the average Liberians. Some tourists from wealthy countries, just don’t go on vacation to leave. Some fall in love with the land, the cultures, the women, and the people, and when they stay, they come to open businesses, sometimes even multi-million dollar ones, that might help with the rise of the unemployment rate in Liberia.

2. A Visa-Free entry will promote cultural consciousness and also helps to conserve local customs and traditions. Liberian culture will be sold to the world, and Musicians, actors and the rest will benefit from their crafts.

3. A Visa-Free entry approach would bring in billions, and the money that would be gain from tourism can be used to improve Liberia’s infrastructure and critical services. E.g., new roads, connecting all the fifteen counties, hospitals, tourist villas on the beaches of Liberia, more new Universities, excellent transportation systems (Busses, taxis and train connections), and further airports.

4. In a LEDCs country like Liberia, some of that money can be invested in developing a robust educational system (the raised in Teachers’ salaries), clean water and sanitation.

5. The foreign tourist money can become an aid to struggling local citizens.

6. Liberia’s Natural attractions would also be preserved using revenue from tourism.

If you work with the current Liberia’s government, you can use my ideas and my world’s experience to help create jobs by implementing these approach. Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, and the other world’s fastest growing economies, also have taken this route. This route will solve the unemployment problems in Liberia. At least, it’s one of the ways that you can help create jobs for Liberians.



Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.