Loving Yourself

Henry Johnson LR
1 min readOct 22, 2023
Pic Cred:Polina Kovaleva

In the depths of your being, a love should reside,

A love that embraces, with arms open wide,

Loving yourself, a journey worth taking,

For within your own heart, there’s no mistaking.

Embrace your flaws, as unique as a star,

For they make you who you are, just as you are,

Acceptance and kindness, a gift to bestow,

Upon yourself, let self-love grow.

In the mirror’s reflection, see beauty’s embrace,

In every imperfection, find solace and grace,

Celebrate your strengths, no matter how small,

For in loving yourself, you stand tall.

Nurture your soul, with gentleness and care,

Listen to your heart, for it knows what’s rare,

Speak words of encouragement, like a gentle breeze,

For in loving yourself, you find inner peace.

Embrace your dreams, let them soar and ignite,

Believe in your worth, let your spirit take flight,

For in loving yourself, you radiate light,

A beacon of self-compassion, shining so bright.

So love yourself fiercely, with all that you are,

Embrace every part, both near and afar,

For in loving yourself, you’ll discover the key,

To a life filled with joy, authenticity.



Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.