Henry Johnson LR
2 min readOct 25, 2023
Pic cred: Ameer Umar

In Nigeria’s embrace, peaceful and sad stories,
A land of diversity, vibrant and gold.
From ancient kingdoms, like the Igbo,
to the bustling streets of Lagos and Abuja,
A blend of cultures, where unity could meet.

Pic Cred: Tope A. Asokere

From the Niger Delta’s winding streams,
To savannahs vast, where nature gleams,
Nigeria’s beauty, beyond bounds,
With landscapes diverse, that truly astounds.

Pic Cred: Abdullahi Abdulquadri

In Abuja, the heartbeat of the nation,
A city alive, with vibrant sensation.
Where dreams take flight, amidst the bustling crowd,
In the pursuit of success, voices of injustices and peace are loud.

Pic Cred: David Iloba



Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.