Open Letter to President Joe Biden

Henry Johnson LR
2 min readApr 28, 2022

An open letter to President Joe Biden:

Dear Joe Biden (President Joe Biden),

As an American, I have some concerns. And here are these concerns. But first, I would like to say that most Americans voted for you because they felt that you were better than the other guy. Well, are you? And this statement doesn’t come from supporting bigotry, racism, etc., that the other guy once preached to divide this country, but comes from concerns and caring for the land that gave me everything that I dearly love.

President Joe Biden, how is it you swept Haiti under the rug but paid more attention to Ukraine? How is it that some of you members of Congress say that we owe China but have unleashed billions into Ukraine? One thing that I know, being WOKE, is that America doesn’t owe anyone a penny. This country is RICH, with some few (self-centered) GREEDY LEADERS! So, why do we continue to sell these lies to the American people who aren’t? How is it that it’s hard for African and Asian refugees to come to America, but you guys make it very easy for Ukrainians to come to our shores? And mind you, my approach here is not anti-Ukraine, but anti misinformation that Congress continues to sell to the American people. My approach here is also anti-prejudice.

And, from the forefathers who stated in the constitution that, “All men are created equal,” are all men? I say this so say that Americans comes in all shapes and forms. They are Haitians, Ukrainians, Liberians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc. And this idea has made us stronger. Americans are not of interest that we must put one country over another that benefits us. How’s it that some of you in Congress would fight the idea of “Student Loan Forgiveness,” which you can do without a doubt for poor and struggling Americans, but embrace the idea of funding (pumping billions into) overseas wars?

“We must show them that we are the POWER!” If we are the POWER, our power must be positively used to impact the lives of our people. The exercise of our great POWER must start at home, uplifting those who are systemically broken. As I drive through the streets of Colorado, I see it, and it’s concerning. Imagine for a second: What if we start to use those billions to take care of our struggling citizens rather than funding every war? Do some of you care about working Americans, or are you more interested in funding your interests overseas to stay Wealthy?!

Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.