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2 min readJun 1, 2018

My experience in writing the rules comes from people I have talked too and the patterns I have noticed in lives. Please read and take notes about these rules.

How to be a SIDE CHICK, and a Main Chick, the ten steps.
Side Chick:
1. Learning What to Expect.
2. Keep the weird and uncomfortable situation for yourself.
3. Expect his plans to change.
4. Don’t ask about where the relationship is going, be there. Act like everything is fine.
5. Avoid Falling in Love. Hell Nah! When you start saying that, “I love you,” there’s something fundamentally wrong.
6. Act your role.
7. Give that nigga space. Don’t always be the first to text that nigga. Let him text, or seek them out.
8. Keep things exciting but don’t be weird.
9. “Why didn’t you call me?!” Don’t ask that nigga too many questions.
10. Be safe when it comes to sexual matters. Plus never let him treat like a lesser being.

Main Chick (THE WIFEY TYPE):
1. Show extreme loyalty to your partner. The ride or die type.
2. Show your devotion to a community or cause, not just your husband.
3. Seek Equality in your relationship. Be a feminist and let him respect you for your views without imposing it or being a feminazi.
4. Support him. Let him go on trips, with or without you, be himself and chase his dreams.
5. Don’t create the idea of lust within one’s relationship or marriage. Break free from the strains.
6. Study the feminist interpretations of the concept.
7. Don’t ask for him to marry you, let time take its course. If he loves you, all will fall into place.
8. Be thoughtful and always be there for him.
9. Be a great conversationalist and be your partner’s biggest fan.
10. Do you want forever?
1. Learn how to cook.
2. Be likable.
3. Don’t play games.
4. Be adventurous and accept you as you and never change.



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