“TRUTH should be the LIGHT.”

Henry Johnson LR
4 min readNov 10, 2017

This analysis is in no form to side with the CDC, but it is a patriotic one to uplift Liberia and Liberians. I have come to studied Liberia’s history from its length and depth. As one begins to read and understand the Bible, Jesus told us that the “TRUTH should be the LIGHT.” My approach here is base on nothing but truths. But after reading, you are entitled to one’s opinion and trust me; it will be appreciated whether if I agree with it or not. That’s Democracy.

For those of you who call Weah Dulled. What’s the definition of dull? The real meaning of dulled are those who ruled Liberia for the past twelve years, traveled the world, seen development, never brought it home and still didn’t learn from history. Under their regime, Liberians witnessed corruption, nepotism, and cronyism. Looking at these symptoms, some will ask, “are these men and women patriots?” “Isn’t that’s the same thing that started the sixteen years civil wars, Injustices?” “Are Liberian leaders patriotic or all about their self-interest before country?”

When I look at Weah, I don’t see a dull man, but the one who loves his country and is loved by his people. It would be partially fair to say that because of him, Liberians can enjoy peace for the past twelve years, not pieces. His approach to things is as patriotic than 1960’s Politicians, who would rather start civil wars to prove their points. If there’s anything that American Education taught me, is that it influences me to think and learn from history. As I study Amb. Weah from a distant, I come to realize that this man had a conscious mind and had learned from Liberia’s history, after past elections’ results; that a civil discourse on issues is a better approach than the barrel of a gun. This makes me come to realize that his Master Degree from DeVry tells me that he worked hard to earned it.

Because in America, Universities just don’t give out Degrees to you because you are a millionaire. It’s not Liberia, where you would have to bribe the teachers to pass. I can profoundly say that Amb. Weah worked hard for his Degree. Watching him speak and studying this man from a distant, he’s someone that’ll change Liberia. Please, Liberians do not overlook him. As I studied great men of the past, I come to realize that he’s right up there with them. He’s not like the so-called “EDUCATED” folks who started many civil wars and had never build anything that’s of status to be compared with their neighbor, Ivory Coast.

The Weah story is like the Bible’s story. History shows us that some people do not respect good men, and would slightly fall prey to murderers and thieves as leaders. Jesus was rejected by the Jews, just like how Weah has been bashed by the so-called educated few, who had never build decent homes for their people with all the Western education they have and the Liberian people’s money that they stole.

This piece is not designated at just Amb. Weah but to Liberians. Dear, Liberians, the Weah’s story is your story. From rags to riches. If his is possible, your stories are possible. Don’t judge him by what those guys who had governed Liberia for 30 to 40 years or so would say. Judge him by the content of his character. This post is in no support for the CDC, but it is in favor of truths that Amb. Weah humbling beginning braces the face of the “leadership” that Liberia needs. It’s in favor of a prosperous Liberia that one can come from a humble beginning and be great. It is in favor of a develop Liberia, where all of our people can have better education, low-fees universities, developed transport systems, roads, excellent health care, electricity in all counties, an abundance in food productions, quality jobs and hope for their children and grandchildren.

Got the logic? Does this make sense? Think about it. The truths should be Liberia’s GOSPEL.

Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.