Why “Alexander B. Cummings” should be the next President of Liberia?

Mr. Cummings has always championed education, working hard to climb the cooperate ladder without nepotic behaviors and corruption (Liberia’s biggest sins) made him the Chief Administrator at Coca-Cola, where he worked the last 20 years, handling millions and billions of dollars with no shortages. No shortages!

He also worked for over 40 years in international business. Well, some may say that “being a business man wouldn’t make you a great leader.” That’s false. A businessman understands growth, he or she has a clear vision = a realistic road map, and he or she comes to makes right decisions even when it is unpopular. Mr. Cummings will do just that; he will get rid of the many diseases that are affecting the very survival of Liberia.

Mr. Cummings wrote on his Facebook, “I promise the young people of Liberia; I will not leave you behind. You are the future that will move our country forward. There cannot be change without you.”

In any democracy, the role of youth in nation building is just as important as the role of government. The vision of any country lies in the hands of the youths.

They are filled with enormous and towering drives. Under the past administration, it was a great wastage of human resources when the youths were not given an opportunity to exercise their talent, protection of theirs arts so that there are means of earning a living. A beautiful country like Liberia needs youths’ empowerment so that the soil will become a brighter one. Most aspirants don’t talk about the youths, he does. He believes that the future of Liberia lies in the hands of the youths, not just the government.

3. Mr. Cummings is honest.
Unlike the other candidates, Cummings has a track record. He’s not of big talks with little accomplishments. He has run a multi-billion dollar company and was successful at doing so. For Sen. Weah and the rest of the other candidates, it’s all big talks with nothing to show. Unlike Weah, he’s not too honest with the Liberian people and is easily influenced by those who have done nothing for the Liberian people.

In all honesty, he’s a great guy but makes wrong choices. He associates himself with past oppressors, one of them is his Vice President’s picked, Jewel Howard-Taylor. Taylor should be history that all Liberians should come to learn from, not a repetition of it.

4. Mr. Cummings Loves Liberia.

You can see it in his tone and his composure. As an actor, I studied body language in college and had come to understand humans intend from the moment they open their mouths. After watching the first debate and not just listening to what the aspirants said but studying their body languages, Cummings’ was more realistic than the others.

I come to believed that, Mr. Cummings is a man who dearly loves his country and will do anything in his weak ways to see that his country and people means well. He has proven just that, especially on the very first debate. Unlike the rest of the other Presidential aspirants, Cummings spoke truths to the circumstances that exist.

5. Mr. Cummings does not have “BLOOD” on his hands.
With Senator Weah being excluded, the rest of the other Presidential aspirants murdered or exploited our people during the sixteen years civil war, Mr. Cummings has no associations and are not part of those who murdered and exploited Liberia and Liberians for their gains. From Charles Brumskine who supported Pres. Charles Taylor, to Benino Urey (Taylor’s cousin, who’s living on his stolen money), Prince Johnson, Jewel Howard-Taylor, Joseph Boakai and the rest.

6. Mr. Cummings has a plan.
Unlike the other Presidential aspirants, who are all about big talks and if get elected, will say, “see you in the next six years.” Mr. Cummings will not do that; he will work in the interest of his country and people.

Please visit his website: https://alexanderbcummings.com/.



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