Why are people still racist?

Henry Johnson LR
4 min readNov 12, 2018

“Why do people continue to be racist after so many articles, educational videos, and debates about how racism is feeble-minded? If we’re all part of the human race, why are people racist? Why is racism even a thing anymore? Haven’t we moved past that?” Those are questions people continue to ask or have asked in the past. And those are some questions that people ask all the time.

To put those questions to rest, as long as humans exist; there’ll always be “racism.” Racism will never be a thing of the past, but a thing about discussions, self-examination, cultures, and sects. After all the college’s courses I have taken; I’ve realized that there are no biological differences between people, but are based on the idea of human-made social constructs based on “power,” and certain privileges that come with those powers. No race is better or subordinate to another. Though we’re not all the same in features, as, in aspirations, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness make us alike.

Upbringing: With that being said, there are many reasons why people are still racist. For the racists, a lot of our attitudes are molded by their upbringing. It is expressed by family members, that sometimes share bigoted Views. And being around those family members; it is common that one is most likely to take in those views. The truths are, everyone is “racist,” or perhaps share some sorts of racist beliefs, regardless of what race they are, how they pray or how they love.

2. The Problem: The problem is, unless we do something about how we come to self-examine ourselves and the world, in which we find ourselves, they can linger, forever, and so on to the crypt.

3. “Like us:” It’s rational to want to spend time with people with the race that perhaps have the same religion, culture, and language as ourselves. It generates a feeling of belonging that is relevant to the human existence. The downside is that it can also set up intervals between other groups and, over time, this might drive us to…

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