Why I support President George Weah on Dual-citizenship and removing the “NEGRO CLAUSE.”

Henry Johnson LR
5 min readFeb 2, 2018

The British sanest, Charles Darwin asserted that all life evolved from “one primordial form.”This indicates that humans are related to even the purest and evolutionarily primitive organisms. Liberians, question life, question existence, question history, question effects, question selves, in times, and where ones find ourselves. It’s inherently human virtue too, perhaps, always do.

To evolve is to be “GREAT.” America would have never been, if they have not EVOLVED, with a capital “E.” A country that embraces “DIVERSITY” is a country on the path of liberation. Cultural diversity is as essential than “RACE.” Because when we look at Liberia, or anywhere in the world, we see “races” mingling.

My approach to removing the “NEGRO CLAUSE” is to show that “Liberia” is not limited to race. Liberia is more significant than our views, and my opinions. Liberia exists, with and without us, Liberia remains, after us. And after us, what would be the message left for the next “GENERATION?” That we stood on “race” why other progress? That we failed to accept others, because of the notion of being a “BLACK NATION” or the fear of “COMPETITIONS?” That we failed to see what “GREATNESS” ought to be when allowed our feelings in the way or our perspectives of how we come to put a particular “race” or certain races in a box?

Race in every culture has become a complexity. But the human race has never been a factor, at least for me. I have been given more opportunity by Latinos, Asians, Whites, and other races than that of Liberians. I have been treated differently by Liberians, than other races. That itself doesn’t make Liberians immoral. Liberians are great. Liberians are beautiful, so as the land. Liberians are diverse than the 16 tribes, or then the old Constitutional Americos’ narratives of things. Those narratives of things fit their times and experiences that they have to endure. Liberians, you have a different experience, than their past. You have been liberated and are “FREE” to want life, liberty and the confidence in one’s destiny.

Some might argue that we are not “READY” for this form of change because we have not developed pass other perspectives on things. Change comes when one’s not ready. Were some Americans prepared for the Donald J. Trump’s Presidency? Change is part of evolution. It’s part of living, and it passes limited prospects. That’s the beauty of change; it is “CONSTANT.” The love for change created Gabriel Bacchus Mathews, Doe, Taylor, Ellen, now Weah. Some of those changes were unexpected, some we come to accept, some, we did not.

Here are five reasons why (removing the negro clause and dual-citizenship) diversity is important:

1. Productivity: Bringing together people of diverse experiences can produce ideas or prospects that others may not have ever contemplated or been aware of. Everyone has their way of seeing a problem, shaped by their individual experiences that they have had and approached to life. With those experiences, you will create a prosperous nation that’s not limited to one mind.

2. Becoming a World Citizen: Have you hear of the world being a Global village? Indeed, it is, at least given my own experience. A white man speaking Liberian Coloqua, I have witnessed, here, on Facebook. The fact that he’s a White man speaking Lib English doesn’t make him superior; it makes me question what Liberia can be. The tourism aspect of things. If you encounter diversity in your everyday life, you will have consistent exposure to personalities, cultures, opinions, and customs that are unlike your own.

3. Diverse Perspectives: Seeing things from others’ point of views and not shutting them down, because one’s rights should always be right, creates a well-to-do culture. Hearing about another’s experience can shed light on life different than your own and provide you a new worldview.

4. Growing Acceptance, Lessening Discrimination: Ascending diversity is the fundamental step to not merely “tolerance,” but true assent. Through increasing contact with, exposure to, and communication between new people with unprecedented beliefs, individuals may notice that they may have more in common than they resolved. Or, they may still be exceptionally different, and that is okay, too! Difference matters.

Difference makes America great. Difference we breed, especially when we come to discuss “race,” culture and country. The ideas of differences got Liberians in the diaspora, here in America. The ideas of differences make them live the American experience; it gave way to embracing their American-born kids. Without the U.S. government coming to the term that their parents were from a “Shithole country” — Donald J. Trump. Without it, if Americans were only accepting Europeans on their shores, we won’t experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When differences clashed it create reckoning. Example the past wars in Liberia.

5. Richer Life Experience: I have spent my entire life surrounded by “Diversity.”The diversity of life, philosophies, experience, and coming of age as a man, who comes to put character over race, and have never limited my perceptions of things. The fact that my kids are even half Filipino should tell others that the world is not colorful as we have perceived, it’s as unique past our perceptions. What if everyone who surrounded you was precisely like you, in every way? Where is the “LIFE” in a narrow-perspectives? As Liberians, we need new ideas, unique worldviews, and practices to animate and inspire us, to show us the way others eat, love, worship, live, celebrate, and experience! That’s why I travel.

I travel to other countries, not Liberia because through my travels I can come to use those experiences to change the world. Malcolm X was a conservative, but when he traveled, he returned home and started seeing things differently. After spending months in Bangkok and had witnessed “tourism,” I come to ask myself, “what’s my country lacking?” That answer is = DIVERSITY and limited Perspectives to the world.

I know that this post would have a lot of oppositions, who don’t see the world the way I see it, but I respect one’s views and one’s life experience. While we come to protect, stay, love, and share with our own, or perhaps sometimes it’s the opposite, the rest of the world progresses. Liberia can be great, beyond the 16 tribes, when we come to embrace, a Liberian experience that I know exist but have not been discovered.

Henry Johnson LR

I am a Liberian-born American writer with great ideas to impact lives and leave this world a little better than I found it.